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Active Brands

Leggings Asymmetric Deep Forest

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We're extremely proud of this design, which is an absolute novelty and what we consider to be the most perfect pair of leggings on the market!    

  • Unique perforations along the left leg.
  • The right leg classic and plain.
  • Non-transparent.
  • Patterns on the back side perfectly matching your body shape and lifting your buttocks up.
  • Compression belt, that comfortably wraps around your waistline flattening both upper and lower part of the belly.

Our seamless leggings are able to stretch lengthwise. Eg. the XS size will be suitable for women from 156 to 170 cm height. Model wears a size S.


Polyamide 90%

Elastane 10%


Size chart

Size  Waist Hips Length
59-65 84-93 92
66-71 94-98 93
72-76 99-104 95
77-85 105-111 97
  • Fair pricing

    We're able to keep quality high and costs low by selling direct to you and avoiding traditional markups.

  • Excellent quality

    Made in Poland using materials that guarantee maximum durability. We believe in the long term.

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